Day 32 – Secondary Research Review

Had a catch-up session with Mannu. Put down most of my research on paper and like I had expected, it became clearer. Found a lot of good resources today as well. He showed me a very good blog of Keyur Sorathia, IIT-Guwahati’s Head of Interaction Design.

Pink Floyd binge started with Breathe. Took me back to my elective and Musique concrète. It also made me get to know more about Richard Wright, who I had missed before probably because of Gilmour. The timeline of Pink Floyd and the fact that they were from London made me wonder if they had ever run into The Beatles, and found out that they had. Its been a long time since I have played any of their material. I also got to know about Acousmatic Music and a blurry understanding of how it is different from Musique concrète. The history and story of Musique concrète is told better in this soundmattersblog post.

Watched Ilayaraja Sir’s explanation of Symphonies with Idhayam Pogudhey which introduced me to Franz Schubert’s work on which the arrangement was based. Of course, I didn’t stop at it. Watched Poove Sempoove‘s beautiful live version and errors and restarting the performance, trademark Raja, by Yesudas Sir. What magic!!! And then came SPB Sir, Yesudas Sir and Raja Sir on the same stage for Kaatukuyile. Goosebumps!

Found Will Schoeder through this Rick and Morty video. Watched this WatchMojo video called ‘Top 10 Psychological Thrillers‘ and found some good movies. Also found ‘Goodnight Mommy‘ and ‘La Pianiste‘. Then came ”Metallica Through the Never‘.

Found Digital Trends and Quartz.

Came across the Nintendo Virtual Boy, its story and an opinion. Haven’t read these completely.

I was checking out Lisn, the app that Arumani had spoken about.

Had forgotten about Niantic Labs, the one that made Pokémon GO.

Went back to this article from my earlier readings.

Have tos –

Found cbinsights. Have to see if I can get something from it.

Have to share Arumani this article on collaboration and how Google thought about it.

Have to share this one about Board Games with the Game Designers.

Have to read this article about an app that teaches children empathy.

7 Tools to Helps Designers Get More Done

The Jony Ive Computer Apple Didn’t Include In Its Monograph

Experience The Trippy Life Of An Ancient Redwood

Have to watch Elements: An Animated Film of Improbable Gallery Installations Composed of Two Billion Shifting Spheres by Maxim Zhestkov ; C4DDDD



OneTab: 81 Tabs in the PC & 19 in the Imac


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