Day 110

Was here every night from Friday. Pretty much. Learnt a LOT.

Unity is so good. The learning curve seems similar to that of Cinema[4D].

Just wanted to log this. Have the learnings on the board and in my notes. And of course, Youtube Liked videos. Almost done.

Just got the spawner to destroy spawned balls. Have to give it a force to launch tomorrow.

The paddle movement is working well. Have to constrain it to the 3 locations (left, center and right) tomorrow.

Going to call it a day now. Don’t want to waste the entire day when everyone else is around. Have to check the SDKs for Builds tomorrow as well.

I like the idea of that Wizard of Oz as well. Will help in modifications on the fly.

Have to pick the sounds tomorrow as well.

Day 109

Something New Every Day.

Biggest today is the Global – Local coordinate system in Unity. Which led me to C4D. WOWOWOW.

Roll-A-Ball is giving a very good understanding of Unity.

Spoke to Sanofer.

Resonance audio seems to make work a whole lot easier.

The bounce is working.

Have to spend some time on the random generation. Looking for a workaround without AI. And then the sound on trigger. Looks promising as it is slowly starting to take shape.

Day 107

2 weeks to go. Prototyping with Unity doesn’t seem promising. College plan dropped for now as Maya has work. I should start putting things together and that should give me a better picture. Probably a 2 day sprint. I was thinking today was a Tuesday. By EOD, should get the sprint schedule set up.

Day 100

^ This was surprising. 100 days.

Had a fruitful discussion with Paul about prototyping the ping pong concept in Unity. The throwing around helped. Discussed with Mannu as well. It is starting to take shape in my head now. As a concept.

Started putting it down on paper. Will detail it out further. Looking at prototyping techniques.


rough draft:

The idea now is a game, ping pong for now. It will be an audio-only experience where the spatial sound will guide the user/player to move his paddle (phone or daydream controller) to the left or right depending on the sound’s position and hit the ball. The sounds that will come are of the bounce off the floor, the ball hitting the paddle, and the slight sound that travels with the ball, showing the trail. These will be changed and/or revealed in different levels. One level (maybe 3) could have the ball bouncing to the user/player’s left and the trail moving to his right, with the impact point being his right.

The paddle movement will be in steps, with the ball coming in one of 3 positions; left, right or centre. With the levels increasing, the number of steps could increase leading to more accurate movements on the user/player’s end.

Another variation could be the speed with which the ball moves. This could be varied further by changing the speed after it bounces.

The objective is to validate the buckets and also to get quantitative data on how to design with spatial sound.


Pictures on the phone.

Merry Christmas!

Day 98


Framework for why people seek out Spatial Sound Experiences


Read the article and article from yesterday. Google’s article talked about the best practices for mobile AR design, taking into account that one hand will always be holding the phone. It wasn’t extensive, but covered the basics.

UploadVR’s article was more like IDEO’s framework for why people are looking for immersive experiences. They come down to:

  1. Discovery
  2. Mastery
  3. Creation
  4. Empathy
  5. Connection
  6. Transcendence

I started putting up my concepts into stickies and tried to visually see how they fit in with VR, AR/MR and spatial sound. Pictures on the phone.

I tried to bucket them into IDEO’s framework in the context of spatial sound. The idea for my project, moving forward, is to look at Samsung’s framework and others as well and then see how my concepts can fit into the categories in the context of spatial sound. Then, the concepts will be tested to validate the categories and then, refine the frameworks for why people seek out spatial sound (that cannot be achieved in VR/AR/MR). Not very eloquently put, but this should do for now.


Framework for why people seek out Spatial Sound Experiences


Secret Santa.

Gave my gift.

Got a beautiful gift (gif and Instagram story).


Received ‘Seeing Voices’.

Good to be getting back.

Day 96

Working on the questions and concepts. Discussed them with Maya, and Arumani last night.


The questions:


How can we make

the storytelling experience better

with sound?



How can we make

waking up more fun

with sound?



How can we make

communicating with friends who are far away more fun

with sound?



Some of the concepts that have come from this:

  1. Ping Pong with friends (AR / Sound / VR)
  2. Grenade Launcher (AR / Sound)
  3. Light Saber fight (Sound)
  4. Locating stars and constellations with sound (AR / Sound)
  5. Spatial Storytelling (Sound)


Not attached to any of them, but I think I will be able to prototype them.



Globe – point at a country and sound plays from that direction

Alarm with Snooze button in AR

Missing objects, located with sound


. Automatic

. On purpose


Auditory Hallucination

Musical Ear Syndrome

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome

Hypnic Jerk

Phantom Ringing

Hallucinations – Oliver Sacks

Musicophilia – Oliver Sacks





How can we make

long distance friendships more fun

with sound?



How can we make

children discover animals/birds better

with sound?